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Thermistor Sensor


Low cost

* Low cost is compared to other Shibaura absolute humidity sensors



Sensing part: aluminium 
Wire: fluororubber shielded, PVC
Other options available


  • Indispensable absolute humidity sensor for automatic cooking with single-function microwave ovens
  • Cost effective solution for absolute humidity sensing
  • Detects the difference between the inside and outside of a chamber
Applications Exhaust air ducts for microwave ovens (humidity)
Operating temperature -5 to +100℃ (sensing part except wire harness)
Withstand voltage 500VAC for 1 sec.
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ at 500VDC
Zero balance -3 to +3mV from +40 to +80℃ (after resistance compensation)
R4 in standard test circuit 10kΩ ±390Ω
Output 6 ±1mV at +40℃, 35g/m³
Stabilization time ≤120 sec. after being energized
Humidity response S1: ≤50 sec.
S2: ≥5 min.
Sensibility to gas/carbon dioxide -0.3mV (at 1000ppm)
Sensibility to gas/ethyl alcohol -0.3mV (at 1000ppm)
Sensibility to gas/isobutane -0.3mV (at 1000ppm)

* Values in the above table are for reference only.


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