Shibaura Electronics


Thermistor Sensor


Has a micro-miniature glass-encapsulated thermistor element



Sensing part: polyimide tape 
Wire: cross-linked PE


  • Non-contact type temperature detection with a micro-miniature glass-encapsulated thermistor element
  • Lower cost than infrared detection sensors
  • Low cost alternative to a contact type using the same circuit
Applications Fuser rollers for copying machines, printers and multi-function printers (surface)
Operating temperature -10 to +200℃ (at the sensing part)
Please consult us when higher temperatures are required.
Thermal time constant τ ≤ 3.5 sec. (at 1mm from φ25 roller)
Dissipation constant δ ≒ 0.45mW/℃
Resistance R150 = 13.80kΩ
B constant B100/200 = 4875K

* Values in the above table are for reference only.
* Unless otherwise stated, the thermal time constant and the dissipation constant are measured in still air.

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