Shibaura Electronics


Thermistor Sensor


High heat resistance and fast response

Heat resistance and response are compared to other Shibaura sensors equipped with a lug terminal



Sensing part: plated brass 
Wire: fluorocarbon, silicone rubber,
silicone rubber insulated with glass braid, cross-linked PE,
cross-linked PE parallel, PVC, PVC parallel


  • Sensor with a lug terminal, exhibiting fast response and high heat resistance
Applications Hot plates for cooking devices and automobile braking systems (surface)
Operating temperature -20 to +300℃
Thermal time constant τ ≒ 3 sec. (on an aluminium plate at 100℃)
Dissipation constant δ ≒ 2.5mW/℃
Withstand voltage 500VAC for 1 sec.
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ at 500VDC
Resistance Optional
B constant Optional

* Values in the above table are for reference only.
* Unless otherwise stated, the thermal time constant and the dissipation constant are measured in still air.

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