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Thermistor Sensor


Prevention of fire hazards, automatic fire control, etc.
Contributes to safety and convenience functions



Heat sensitive part: Stainless steel
Electric cable: Fluoroplastic electric cable
Lead switch cable: Selected in accordance with usage temperature


  • High heat resistance, vibration resistance, high durability, can be used across a wide temperatures range
Example Usage Gas stove
Subject of Measurement Bottom of cooking pot
Applications Cooking pot bottom temperature detection
Pot presence detection
Operating temperature Sensor: :-20~+350℃
Lead switch:-20~+120℃
Thermal time constant τ≒5s (on hot plate)
Dissipation constant δ≒1.3mW/℃
Withstand voltage AC.750V 1 sec.
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ at 500VDC
Resistance *Supports a range of characteristics
B constant *Supports a range of characteristics

*The values in the table are for reference only.
*Unless otherwise stated, the thermal time constant and heat dissipation constant are measured in static air.

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