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New website launched

The Shibaura Electronics website has been overhauled and a new version has been launched.

As such, some of the URLs on the website have changed, so
if you have saved any of our pages as favorites or bookmarks, please be sure to update the URL.

Thank you.


Impact of the Off-Fukushima Earthquake on Our Company Production Sites

This is to inform you of the impact of the earthquake off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture that occurred on February 13 (around 23: 08) on our company production bases as follows.

There is no human damage at each production site. Regarding the production infrastructure, although some production facilities were damaged at Fukushima Shibaura Electronics, production is not disrupted and operations are as usual. At Tohoku Shibaura Electronics, Kakunodate Shibaura Electronics, Iwate Shibaura Electronics and Aomori Shibaura Electronics, production facilities were not damaged and operations are as usual.

In addition, we have confirmed that there is no impact on the supplier's production sites at this time and that there is no problem with delivery.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all those who have suffered.


Revision of product catalogue

This time, we are pleased to inform you that we revised the "Product Catalogue".

For downloading the product catalogue, please click here.

About Us

Announcing the opening of our new office in Michigan USA

As a part of our expansion plans, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new office, Shibaura Electronics of America Corporation (SEA) in Michigan USA.
The Michigan office was originally opened as our liaison office, and now it started its business operation as a Michigan corporation on October 1, 2015. We look forward to serving both our existing customers in this market as well as others we have yet to meet.
Our sales staff will help you with any questions.
Please feel free to contact them.

About SEA

  • Name : Shibaura Electronics of America Corporation
  • Location : 39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 600, Novi, MI 48375, USA
  • Capital : 200,000 USD
  • Shareholder composition : 100% owned by Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact : TEL. +1-248-449-2984 / FAX. +1-248-939-8055 / E-MAIL

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