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About this Site
Site Policy

You agree to the following items when using this website. Additionally, by using this website, you agree to all of the following conditions.


The copyright for all text, images, videos, programs, etc. on this website, except when explicitly stated otherwise, belongs to Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “this Company”) or companies affiliated with this Company or the original author. Customers who access this website are allowed to use the content on this site, excluding for commercial purposes, freely for personal purposes.

Additionally, limited to non-commercial, personal or other non-prohibited cases, content can be downloaded and printed out. However, using data for other reasons, downloading and printing out content for unspecified distribution, altering the data is prohibited.

The content on this website may be subject to change or deletion without prior notice.


While we work carefully to ensure the information offered on this website is up-to-date and suitable, we make no guarantees as to the validity, accuracy, safety or usefulness of this information. Additionally, this Company will bear no responsibility for any damage that may occur through the use of this website, regardless of the reason.

Third-party websites linked from this website are not under control of this Company, but are run and managed by their respective corporations or individuals. This Company will bear no responsibility for any damage that may occur through the use of these linked websites.

This Company may change the structure of this website, the URL, the content of the website, or suspend or close the website, without prior notice.

Linking to This Website

Please communicate with us using “Contact Us” when placing a link to this website.

We prohibit linking from websites that are in violation of public order and standards of decency, from websites that engage in the possible or actual slander or defamation of this Company, third parties or specific individuals or organizations, from websites that use links to generate revenue from users, from websites that may damage trust in this Company, or from any other sites that this Company deems unsuitable.

Additionally, even when linking has been authorized, that authorization may be revoked if this Company deems the site unsuitable due to circumstances that subsequently arose.

Usage environment

This website is built with responsive web design, which allows it to be displayed at a size optimal for browsers on PC monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones using the following maximum and minimum resolutions as a standard.

Screen Resolution

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Web browser (Windows/Mac)

We recommend either Chrome or Microsoft Edgefor this website.

It is also possible to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, but some aspects of the site may not function properly.

Smartphone (Tablet) OS

Android 9.0(Chrome)

iOS 13(Safari)


You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

Please download and install the newest version of the Adobe Reader (free) from Adobe’s website.

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