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About Quality

Quality Policy of
the Shibaura Electronics Group

The Shibaura Electronics Group strives to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvements to stably supply products that meet the needs of customers. We will conduct our business activities based on the quality policy shown below.

  1. We will provide safe and worry-free products in compliance with requirements from customers and legal standards.
  2. We will proactively respond to customer needs and offer high quality, high performance, and high value-added products.
  3. We will contribute to society by offering of energy-saving products, as well as promoting activities that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
  4. We will strive to secure the safety of products and improve their quality by regularly monitoring our efforts to ensure safe and worry-free products.
  5. All of the employees who work in the Shibaura Electronics Group will be thoroughly informed of this quality policy.

Established on March 28, 2022
Distributed on June 24, 2024
Akira Kasai
President, Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.

At Shibaura Group we keep evolving the caliber of our products through quality improvement activities
in cooperation with our customers and suppliers

6 Keywords Used to Promote Quality

Shibaura has the established quality management system enabling systematic and sustainable improvements.
By accurately recognizing customers' needs, Shibaura is providing domestic and overseas customers with high quality products in response to their expectations and trust.

Shibaura Electronics Group ISO and IATF Certifications

As of June 2024

Company name Target specification Certifying body Date of first certification Term of validity Certification number
Registration form (PDF)
SHIBAURA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 2001/6/15 2025/6/30 0066729
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2003/3/26 2024/8/26 0065398
Tohoku Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 1999/7/23 2026/7/31 0065346
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2005/12/26 2024/8/26 0065398
Iwate Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 2001/12/19 2025/12/31 0066754
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2006/5/15 2024/8/26 0065398
Fukushima Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.
ISO9001:2015 LRQA 1997/1/31 2026/10/29 0066554-501
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2005/9/17 2024/8/26 0065398
IATF16949:2016 LRQA 2007/12/6 2026/11/9 0066554-001
IATF16949:2016 LRQA 2020/11/13 2026/11/7 0066554-003
Kakunodate Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 1999/7/16 2026/12/19 0065343
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2005/12/26 2024/8/26 0065398
IATF16949: 2016 LRQA 2023/12/20 2026/12/19 0065343-001
Aomori Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 2001/2/12 2027/4/22 00030352-501
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2006/10/15 2024/8/26 0065398
IATF16949:2016 LRQA 2021/4/22 2027/3/28 00030352-001
Thai Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 2003/1/17 2027/1/31 0046599
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2006/12/25 2024/12/24 0046522
IATF16949:2016 LRQA 2013/1/18 2026/11/5 0066554-002
Dongguan Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 LRQA 2003/12/31 2024/12/30 0068802
ISO14001:2015 LRQA 2008/2/29 2024/12/30 0068801
Shanghai Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 SGS 2004/9/6 2027/6/1 CN10/20744
ISO14001:2015 SGS 2007/3/7 2027/6/1 CN10/20304
IATF16949:2016 SGS 2023/5/16 2026/5/15 CN23/00002560

*ISO 14001 multi-site certification obtained for plants in Japan

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