Shibaura Electronics


Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is to protect the global environment,
contribute to the improvement of life,
and promote the culture and happiness of people around the world.

Management policies

  • 1. Every employee of Shibaura Electronics shall accept the challenge to aggressively pursue their dreams with passion, share values, consider others, and act proactively. We will develop employees who demonstrate excellent individuality and sensitivity, improve through friendly rivalries, and grow through work as we create a free and vigorous corporate culture.

  • 2. We will strive to help our customers improve corporate value using our products.
    We will achieve our contributions to customers by meeting their needs, responding quickly and accurately, and securing appropriate profits.

  • 3. To protect the global environment, we will contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency and the realization of a safe society.

  • 4. We will enhance our company’s value by earning the trust of society and continuing to be chosen by customers, thereby contributing to shareholders.

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