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Information given in this web site contains issues relating to the future such as business forecasts. Such information is based on our predictions derived from currently available information and does not guarantee the future business performance. Note that the actual business performance may vary depending on various elements such as global economy, product demands, currency exchange rates, etc. and may be different from the forecasts.
Because of arrangements for publishing, disclosure to the web site may be significantly later than that by the Timely Disclosure system (TDnet, etc.) provided by the stock exchange. In addition, all information may not be published or the contents may subject to change or deletion without prior notice. Information is published with the greatest care, but Shibaura Electronics will assume no responsibility for any errors in published information, falsification of data by third parties, failures or damage caused by data downloading, etc.
This web site does not intend to solicit for investment. About investment, we ask you to decide at your own discretion.

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