Shibaura Electronics



The Shibaura Electronics Group is an electronic component manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture and sale of thermistor elements and temperature sensors.
Thermistors are essential in things like electronic appliances, cars and air conditioners as well as in a range of other aspects of daily life, and they support the foundation of people’s lifestyles.

Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is to protect the global environment,
contribute to the improvement of life,
and promote the culture and happiness of people around the world.

Shibaura Electronics has been involved in the development, manufacture and sale of thermistors since operations started in 1953,
and we offer products to customers worldwide in every sort of field.
Today, environmental problems and energy saving are common issues in the world.
The thermistors made by Shibaura Electronics make large contributions to environmental protection and energy saving as they are used in things like hybrid vehicles and energy-saving hot water heating systems to track and control temperature.
We will continue taking pride in allowing even more people to live comfortable lives by focusing on the environment,
energy saving, safety and high functionality.

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