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Environment Policy

Environmental Policy of the Shibaura Electronics Group

The Shibaura Electronics Group recognizes the significance of preserving the global environment and takes initiatives to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the global environment. We will conduct our business activities based on the environmental policy shown below and ensure that every employee who works in the Shibaura Electronics Group is thoroughly informed of this policy.

Environmental policy

  1. We will strive to continuously reduce the impact on the global environment by setting environmental targets and regularly reviewing the status of our initiatives.
  2. We will promote education on the environment to raise our employees’ awareness of environmental conservation so that each employee will autonomically practice activities that will lead to a reduction in the environmental load.
  3. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, as well as other requirements we agree to, strive to prevent pollution, and try to live in harmony with nature.
  4. We will address the following items as priority themes of environmental management from among environmental impacts related to our group’s activities, products, and services.
    − Supply of environmentally friendly products
    − Efforts to reduce environmental load according to the life cycle of products
    − Effective use of energy
    − Reuse and recycling of resources

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March 28, 2022
Akira Kasai
President, Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.

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