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To Shareholders and Investors

Since Shibaura Electronics Group was established in 1953, we have specialized in thermistor elements and sensors as the major part of our business.
We have been focusing on thermistors and constantly making efforts to offer products meeting customers’ needs. We take pride in having been able to realize products with high precision and stability, high ability to make proposals based on our technologies and production capability to cope with versatile needs.
Thanks to customers’ support, we have maintained our high market status as one of the most advanced thermistor manufacturers in the world. We are now making transactions with a wide variety of domestic and overseas customers manufacturing air conditioners, automobiles, home appliances, office automation equipment, housing equipment, industrial equipment, and more.

Recently, not only advanced countries but also developing countries have economically developed and electric devices are now prevalent throughout the world. As the entire society is proceeding towards maturity, scenes requiring temperature control are rapidly increasing for pursuing comfortable and affluent lives, improving safety and security, coping with environmental problems. Therefore, we expect the thermistor market to keep expanding successively.
With such opportunities, Shibaura Electronics Group will actively expand its business in order to further increase the share in the thermistor market. The sales division is arranging its organization by increasing the staff and adding new specialty departments and sections; it is especially driving forward sales promotion activities in overseas markets.
On the other hand, the technology division keeps challenging itself to find new fields and technologies to supply products meeting various needs from customers. In 2008, we started mass production of high-temperature thermistors applicable to maximum 1000℃ and succeeded in substantially expanding the applicable temperature area of thermistors. Currently, we have multiple ongoing development projects of fuel cells and other products in new fields.

Shibaura Electronics Group will continue to focus on development of products meeting the needs of world-wide customers aiming to contribute to the world in green-oriented, energy saving, safety and security fields.
We look forward to your continued support for Shibaura Electronics Group.

Akira Kasai
Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd.

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