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Thermistor Elements
Thermistor Elements

Thermistor Elements

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Shibaura thermistor elements

Shibaura Electronics thermistor elements have the following characteristics.

  • They are glass-encapsulated and, therefore, exhibit superior resistance to heat and climatic conditions and have a long lifetime compared to resin-coated thermistors.
  • They have stable characteristics provided by bonding lead wires to a thermistor chip via gold electrodes (PSB-S, NS, PL thermistor elements).
  • They keep stable characteristics as they use a fine ceramic thermistor chip.
  • They can be downsized and have superior thermal response.
  • They are manufactured by integrated automatic production enabling us to supply homogenized products in high volume.


Processing options
Please consult us for lead wire plating and taping.

Our products

Low B Constant

Model Name Overview Dimensions

PLシリーズ PL形PL Series PL

  • PSB-S1 with low B constant
  • Mechanically stable
Glass OD: φ2.3 ±0.2mm
Lead wire: φ0.30mm

PLシリーズ PL2形PL Series PL2

  • PSB-S2 with low B constant
  • Good balancing between mechanical strength and response time
Glass OD: φ1.6 ±0.2mm
Lead wire: φ0.25mm

PLシリーズ PL3形PL Series PL3

  • PSB-S3 with low B constant
  • Standard model of high-response elements
Glass OD: φ1.3 ±0.2mm
Lead wire: φ0.20mm

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