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Thermistor Element

RB1 Thermistor S3

High precision of ±1% tolerance in both resistance and B constant value

High precision both in resistance and B constant value has been achieved by reviewing the materials and manufacturing methods. While the maximum operating temperature is set lower than the standard PSB thermistors, the RB1 keeps the basic structure of glass thermistors. Thus, it is more advantageous than general resin thermistors in resistance to soldering and thermal history through processes.

RB1 Thermistor S3


  • Chip with silver-palladium electrodes
  • Saving cost by setting the upper temperature limit to 120℃
  • Resistance and B constant specially designed within the tolerance of ±1%
  • High-level heat resistance and environmental stability secured by glass encapsulation
  • High-volume supply in high quality by integrated automatic production

For a variety of uses NOT under high temperatures

Operating temperature -50 to +120℃
Thermal time constant Approx. 12 sec.
Dissipation constant Approx. 1.3mW/℃
Insulation resistance 50MΩ at 500VDC

*Unless otherwise stated, all thermal time constants and dissipation constants are measured in still air.

Reliability data

Reliability data

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