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Thermistor Element

PSB-N Thermistor

DHD (Double heatsink diode) type

A PSB-S thermistor is sealed in a DHD form. It is an axial lead type with wires coming out of both ends of the thermistor element. Heat resistance is provided by glass encapsulation. Wide-spaced lead wires contribute to lower possibilities in measurement error caused by leakage even with a high resistance thermistor chip. This enables PSB-N thermistors to be used in harsh environments such as in oil smoke, dust or humidity.

PSB-N Thermistor


  • Chip with gold electrodes
  • Suitable for use in severe environments such as oil vapor with its wide-spaced lead wires
  • Long-term stability in resistance
  • The wire diameter is large enough to support automatic mounting

Temperature sensors using an axial lead type thermistor

  • Home appliances
  • Universal heaters
  • Measuring equipment
Operating temperature -50 to +300℃
Thermal time constant Approx. 12 sec.
Dissipation constant Approx. 2.3mW/℃
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ at 500VDC

*Unless otherwise stated, all thermal time constants and dissipation constants are measured in still air.

V-I characteristics

V-I characteristics

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