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Thermistor Elements

Thermistor Elements

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Shibaura thermistor elements

Shibaura Electronics thermistor elements have the following characteristics.

  • They are glass-encapsulated and, therefore, exhibit superior resistance to heat and climatic conditions and have a long lifetime compared to resin-coated thermistors.
  • They have stable characteristics provided by bonding lead wires to a thermistor chip via gold electrodes (PSB-S, NS, PL thermistor elements).
  • They keep stable characteristics as they use a fine ceramic thermistor chip.
  • They can be downsized and have superior thermal response.
  • They are manufactured by integrated automatic production enabling us to supply homogenized products in high volume.


Processing options
Please consult us for lead wire plating and taping.

Our products


Model Name Overview Dimensions

NSII-E1 ThermistorNSII-E1 Thermistor

  • Available for standard injection forming and superior in mechanical strength
Glass OD: φ2.1 ±0.2mm
Cerammics OD: φ2.2 mm ±0.2mm
Lead wire: φ0.35mm

NSII-E3 ThermistorNSII-E3 Thermistor

  • Smaller and higher response than E1
  • Superior in humidity resistance and highly durable for water temperature measurement
Glass OD: φ1.2 ±0.2mm
Cerammics OD: φ1.5mm ±0.2mm
Lead wire: φ0.20mm

NSIII-U1 ThermistorNSIII-U1 Thermistor

  • Made of materials specialized for use in high-temperature environments
Glass OD: φ2.3 ±0.3mm
Cerammics OD: φ2.2mm ±0.2 mm
Lead wire: φ0.35mm

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