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Action Plan to Support Raising

Action Plan to Support Raising Next-Generation

Action Plan to Support Raising Next-Generation

The Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children requires companies to put together a "general business owner action plan" to improve the employment environment for employees and enable them to balance work and child-rearing, and to improve a range of working conditions for all employees. These action plans set out the period of the plan, their goals, the measures to be taken to achieve the goals, and the period of the implementation of measures, and companies with more than 100 employees are required to create, submit, publicize, and raise awareness of their own action plans.
Shibaura Electronics has put together the following action plan.

Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. Action Plan (No. 3)

We define the following action plan to provide all of our employees with the opportunity to be their best through the creation of a work environment that enables employees to balance work and child rearing and that facilitates their work.

1. Period of plan Three years from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2021
2. Details
Goal1: In order to create a workplace environment where employees can easily fulfill their role at work and as a family member during child-raising years, the scope of employees eligible for shorter working hours for childcare will be expanded from only those who have children under 3 years old.
From April 2018: Look into examples of other companies providing shorter working hours for childcare
From May 2018: Change Childcare Leave Regulations and implement new system
Goal2: Reduce overtime hours by increasing awareness of the existing no overtime day.
From April 2018: Gain an understanding of the current status of no overtime day
From October 2018: Undertake awareness raising of no overtime day using electronic display boards
Goal3: Promote work-life balance among employees by promoting effective use of welfare facilities.
From June 2018: Start tracking frequency of use, implement surveys, and identify areas for improvement
From July 2018: Facility and other enhancements to promote the use of welfare facilities
From October 2018: Create new leaflet to promote use, and raise awareness among employees

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