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Company Profile Shibaura - Ever striving toward a more prosperous future

Throughout history, people have continued to change and develop industry, government, and lifestyles with an eye to the future. Companies today must gain insight into the changes that are to come, and make adjustments today that will enable them to overcome barriers to tackling those changes in the future.

Societies around the world are experiencing a deluge of unparalleled changes, and innovations in science and technology continue all the time. Diversification of market needs and changes in the international scene are creating even harsher conditions for business, while new problems — such as the depletion of natural resources and the degradation of the environment by human activity — have come to the fore.

Under these conditions, optimum control of the surroundings is vital, and measures to control temperature, humidity and wind speed are indispensable. Due to the public's demands for comfort and for conservation, and to industry's demand for efficiency, the market for temperature and humidity control is continuing to grow at home and abroad.

Research and development must be governed by a clear strategy in order to succeed over the long term, and companies must produce products that are highly valued by their customers if they are to contribute something of real value to society.

The road of success lies in servicing the changing needs and demands of the society as faithfully as possible. It is our firm belief that close inspection of what people desire and need and then creating a system that can effectively service them is the best way to fulfill societal obligations and obtain the highest profits.

We also believe that anyone can have limitless potential through diligent hard work. We will continue to explore new possibilities and use technology in our tireless pursuit of a brighter and richer tomorrow.

●Globally Recognized Technology
●Aiming at Global Standards
●Global Development

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